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18/1/2017 - Technical Difficulties Edition


All Australian tracklist tonight since the I couldn't get the one overseas track working. Very top quality all Australian underground show wowee

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11/1/2017 - Nu-year nu-me(tal) - Australian experimental composers, Stockhausen's Gruppen, Dada sound poetry


No actual nu-metal. I wouldn't do that to you. Plenty of good stuff here though, was my best show of the year so far (hee hee).

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21/12/2016 - French/Italian Electroacoustic Collab, 70s Protopunk, Melbourne Drone, Corsican Revival


Lots of out there music, including a new collaboration between Phillipe Lamy and MonoLogue. Also got some great protopunk and some Corsican revival from an album John Cale played some piano on.

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14/12/2016 - 2016 Tunes


A bunch of excellent tunes from this year. Electronic, Jazz, Ambient, Fun

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7/12/2016 - Longplayer: Sueno Yate by Enderie


I was in Wagga, so Brooke from Strawberry Ice-cream busted out this longplayer for us

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26/10/2016 - A bunch of new tapes, loud noises, Lebanese post-rock


I got some cool tapes in the mail that I thought I'd play. Also includes stuff from American musician Pharmakon and Beirut band Scrambled Eggs.

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19/10/2016 - Melbourne Underground Electronic, Early Experimental Electronic, Indigenous Congo Folk Songs, Syd/Melb Post-Punk


Abstract Paradigms

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12/10/2016 - Popol Vuh, Alice and John, Slint and some other great stuff


The Podcast is back, this ep from 12/10/2016 has some fantastic free jazz, noisey hardcore, spacey sounds and an all round good time.

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31/8/2016 - **The Trve Retvrn of the Longplayer** - 2 hrs!


Beautiful drones, underground Australian tunes, free jazz from 68, washing machine longplayer!

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24/8/2016 - Italian Improv, Vintage Japanese Psychedilia, New Australian Electronic Music, NZ Noise and more


Massive mix of music from all around the world, plus some tasty tracks from right here in Oceania.

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