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18/1/2017 - Technical Difficulties Edition


All Australian tracklist tonight since the I couldn't get the one overseas track working. Very top quality all Australian underground show wowee

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11/1/2017 - Nu-year nu-me(tal) - Australian experimental composers, Stockhausen's Gruppen, Dada sound poetry


No actual nu-metal. I wouldn't do that to you. Plenty of good stuff here though, was my best show of the year so far (hee hee).

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21/12/2016 - French/Italian Electroacoustic Collab, 70s Protopunk, Melbourne Drone, Corsican Revival


Lots of out there music, including a new collaboration between Phillipe Lamy and MonoLogue. Also got some great protopunk and some Corsican revival from an album John Cale played some piano on.

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14/12/2016 - 2016 Tunes


A bunch of excellent tunes from this year. Electronic, Jazz, Ambient, Fun

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