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26/10/2016 - A bunch of new tapes, loud noises, Lebanese post-rock


I got some cool tapes in the mail that I thought I'd play. Also includes stuff from American musician Pharmakon and Beirut band Scrambled Eggs.

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19/10/2016 - Melbourne Underground Electronic, Early Experimental Electronic, Indigenous Congo Folk Songs, Syd/Melb Post-Punk


Abstract Paradigms

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12/10/2016 - Popol Vuh, Alice and John, Slint and some other great stuff


The Podcast is back, this ep from 12/10/2016 has some fantastic free jazz, noisey hardcore, spacey sounds and an all round good time.

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31/8/2016 - **The Trve Retvrn of the Longplayer** - 2 hrs!


Beautiful drones, underground Australian tunes, free jazz from 68, washing machine longplayer!

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